Rotary Club Of Greater Van Nuys

Chartered May 11, 1925

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Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Lulu's Restaurant
16900 Roscoe Blvd,
Van Nuys, CA  91406
United States
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   89 years of "Service Above Self" 
  We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
16900 Roscoe Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91406

Our Club was recently honored by the San Fernando Valley Coalition On Gangs (A project of community Partners).  On hand to receive the award was Dave Friedman (President of GVNR), Marie Valencia (PP), Catherine Ibrahim (Secretary) and Judy Coates. 
On behalf of the GVNR Club, I say thank you for your recognition of our club.
This year our annual Harvest/Halloween festival was held with the usual funfair.  The festival started at 6:00Pm.  By 6:10PM the venue at the Victory Outreach Church Center, was packed full with well over 400 kids and their parents.  Nearly all the kids and their families were all beautifully dressed in their costumes.  Once again there were various tents/booth setup, each with different games for the kids whereby winners were given prices.  We also had a puppet show on stage and the kids enjoyed all the stories from the show.  The main stage had music from a live band entertaining.  It was fun for everyone.
Bill, Barbara, Judy, Maryjane, Richard and Dave at the Halloween Festival
This year, our club gave out free Tooth Brush to everyone, and Rotarian Dr. Barbara Pampalone was on hand to advise kids of the importance of personal hygiene. Brushing at least twice a day would keep teeth healthy.
Once again we had a costume contest, in different categories. From toddlers to adults.   Judges were members of our club and it was very hard to pick winners since everyone looked to beautiful in their costumes.  Eventually, winners were picked and prizes of Gift Cards were given out to winners.
Jeffrey Barnes was a guest speaker recently at our club. Jess is a Professor of Humanities and Dean of Student Success at California Baptist University.  He is also the author of the best-selling book, "The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from The Happiest Place on Earth".  
We were happy to have Jeff come talk to us about our own dreams, our own goals and our own success.  This video is all about his address.   
Our District Governor (Rotary District 5280)  Greg O'Brien and his wife Carolyn O'Brien visited the GVNR club on September 1, 2016.  DG O'Brien during his speech to members and guests. In attendance also was PDG Eli Guana and his wife Rotarian Alice Guana. 
During the District Governor's visit, Awards were presented to four members of our club for their achievements and contributions to rotary.  PDG Les Grossman, DGR Richard Miller PP Wynne Ritch, and Ron Wolf.
Our Club recently held a wine tasting and potluck event to help raise funds for the club.  The event, (first of it's kind) was held at Mr. & Mrs. Peter Satuloff residence last week Friday in Chatsworth.   Turnout was very good and it was a night of socializing with one another and getting to know members spouses.  The highlight of the event was the wine tasting competition.  Members enter their wine in the competition and after counting and collating all the votes, the wine competition was won by Mr. & Mrs. Don Reinken. 
Mr. & Mrs. Don Reinken all smiles with the winning gift
Our club held it's demotion party on Saturday June 25, 2016.   It was a beautiful sunny day in Southern California and the weather was fantastic.  Nice outdoor party and everyone had a great time.
Our outgoing President, Marie Valencia, thanked her Board Members for making her year a great success.   According to her, "she could not have made it without her board members".  She also thanked every member of our club for helping in one way or the other toward the success of our club. She handed out gifts to her Board members in a show of appreciation.
Also present was the Jazz Band from Cleveland High School.  They entertained us with good Jazz tones from the past.   Dave Friedman gave each member of the Band a certificate and thanked them for a job well done. A donation of 500.00 from GVNR was also presented to the Band Leader with a promise to help the Band during his year. 
PDG Eli Gauna and PDG Les Grossman were on hand to swear-in Dave Friedman as President and his Board members.  On behalf of the President and Board of GVNR, we say "thank you" to PDG Eli Gauna and PDG Les Grossman.
Present at the party were members from our Chatsworth club.  Tamara Chezick and her husband, Karan  Norman, Jill Saltzman and Kris Fuess.
It was a beautiful picnic party and we all had a great time.  Here are some highlights from the party.
PGD Les Grossman and Marie Valencia outgoing president
The West Valley Boys and Girls Club recently held their Annual Mile of Quarters Fundraiser Event. Members of our club was there to help out with the event. 
GVN Rotarian Marc Tapper volunteered at the event
                  WVBGC kids lay out lots of quarters 
Robert Ryans Club President (2015-2016) Rotary Club of Crenshaw/Watts was the Guest Speaker at our club recently. His presentation was focused on Child Sex Trafficking Beyond the Numbers- Putting Face on  Tragedy.  It was a very interesting  and detailed presentation.  He encouraged Rotarians to do more to eradicate this awful practice from our society.
Our Club  held it's 37th Annual Track Meet event at BCCHS sports arena on Saturday April 23, 2016.  Over 20 High Schools participated in this year's event.  The event was a great success.
On behalf of the Chairman and members of the Track Meet Committee, we  would like to say thank you to all those who participated to make this year's event a great success.
Here are some highlights from the events.
athletes running the  women 200 mile run 
We had our annual “Service Above Self” event on March 10 2016.  It was a very successful event and all our Awardees and guests had an enjoyable evening.  There were so many items for auction and our silent auction yielded a huge reward.  We are grateful to all who participated in planning this great event.  To all the volunteers who participated, we say “thank you”.
Here are some highlights from the event.
Our first awardee from Children Hospital, Wynne  Ritch & Marie Valencia
Rotary Javier Nunez an award recipient, Wynne, Marie, Les & Zoraida 
Sarah giving the invocation at the event while her dad Wynne Ritch and Javier Nunez looks on
Our Christmas Lives Ceremony this year was held on December 15, 2015 at the Laborer's Local 300 Union, 14800 Devonshire Street Mission Hills, California.  
There were over 300 children and their families at this year's event.  Our Club handed out gifts to each member within a family that had been identified by representatives as needy families.  Gift cards were also handed out.  Gift cards ranging from $25.00 to $50.00 were handed out to many individuals at the events.
members of GVN with Santa
Our Annual Holiday event this year was held on December 10, 2015 at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant - Van Nuys, California.  This is a very special event organize by our club (GVNR) annually.  This year's event was as great as always and we had a huge turnout.  Families and friends of Rotarians and fellow Rotarians from other clubs attended.
The highlight of the event was a fabulous performance put up by the Monarch Jazz Group from Valley College.  They entertained us with great music and performance. The group took the audience down memory lane, singing familiar Christmas tunes and great jazz music.
Guest participated by singing along with the Group.  At the end of their performance, the Group got a standing ovation.  Overall, it was a great event and we all had a swell time.  
The Monarch Jazz Group
The District Governor D J Sun visited our club on Thursday November 12, 2015.  He and his entourage met with the Board of Directors in a close door meeting.  During the meeting, he was formally introduced to members of the Board by our club President.
He thanked the Board for the good work GVNR was doing in the community and encouraged all members to do more.  He briefly told the Board what District 5280 was doing currently and will be doing under his leadership for this Rotary year.  He laid out the various programs the district was planning and that more information will be send to GVNR as time goes on.
At 12:00 PM our general meeting started and DJ Sun was introduced to the full house of GVNR
District Governor addresses members of GVNR on Thursday 


On behalf of our Board of Directors, we salute our Veterans today and we say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY AND FOR KEEPING US SAFE.  Once again THANK YOU ALL.
Our club fully participated in the Veterans Day Parade in Pacoima
We had a visit to our club from Past District Governor Ingo Werk on October 29, 2015.  He came along with his beautiful wife Mary Werk. 
He has been designated to go around all rotary clubs in our district to talk about the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WSH) project planned for  the Central African country of  The Republic of Niger.
Our Harvest/Halloween festival this year was very successful as usual.  We hosted over 300 kids and their families this year.  Our guest were provided with all kinds of fun games and winners won prizes ranging from gift cards, trips, week-end-getaways, electronic devises and much more. The highlight of the day was the costume contest.  Rotarians as judges, had a hard time judging little kids.  They were all so beautifully dressed.  After much deliberation, winners were chosen.    
Meeting was called to order at 12:10 PM

Flag Salute:  Marie Valencia     Invocation:  Richard Miller      Song:  Judy Coates
President Marie Valencia reminded members of the District Breakfast in October and most importantly the District Governor’s visit to our club on November 12, 2015.  She stressed the importance of inviting family, friends and guest to our meeting on that day.  She asked that we do everything possible to have s full house.
She also mentioned the following:
Recognition will be given out to deserving members of our club
Our forthcoming annual Harvest Festival
Humanitarian Trip to Panama from January - February
The Fleet Street crew did not expect the 64 bicycles that they screened, repaired, sent owners to buy parts for in order to finish repairs, and (very occasionally) had to admit bicycles were too damaged to be repaired there.  6 young men from Pacific Coast Boys Lodge worked under the guidance of Steve to find correct parts for, repair, lubricate and fill ties on the many bicycles that were brought in by the owners.  From Woodland Hills Rotary Dana and Antonio were busy screening the bicycles and directing the registration work of our Rotarians Kris, Libby, Bob, and Barbara.
Chatsworth citizens also brought in about 8 bikes to be donated, so that their parts or frames can go to be used on another day in some other Bike Repair Day.
Rotarians are a group of business and professional people that come together to promote the ideal of service in their personal, vocational, and community endeavors. The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. It is not the business of business that brings us together as Rotarians, but the business of Service.
We are Rotarians because we have committed to “Service Above Self”. Fellowship and service to humanity frees Rotarians from the trap Paul Harris (PH) called the “love of things”. According to PH, life is more than business. As Rotarians from diverse, ethnic, professional, religious, and sociocultural backgrounds, we have found a common platform in the ideals of Rotary.
Twenty-seven years ago, polio was rampant in over 60 percent of the world leading to paralysis for several hundreds of children everyday.  By January of this year, there were only 3 countries in the world recording new cases of polio. Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but that is changing.  Once considered the locus of new polio diagnoses, Nigeria reported the first year without new cases.  This milestone is especially crucial in light of the impediments the government has faced in trying to eradicate the disease; officials and volunteers have had to deal with Muslim extremists targeting medical workers, rumors about vaccinations being employed as a subterfuge by the government to sterilize Muslims, etc.
Our Club - Greater San Fernando Rotary - demotion party was held on June 28, 2015, at the El Queso Grande Restaurant.  It was a day of fun and fellowship with family members and friends. The THEME of the party was HAWAIIAN.
The outgoing president demonstrated his appreciation to his board by presenting each board member with a parting gift.  He also recognized other members by presenting them with gifts for their hard work and dedication. On behalf of members of the club, our incoming President presented the outgoing President with a parting gift as well.
There were performances by Hawaiian dancers, who put up a fantastic show for our guest of honor.  It surely was an afternoon of fun.  
Our new club president was sworn in by PDG E. Gauna.
Here are some highlights from the demotion party.
Outgoing President with the incoming President
Join us for track meet 2015 at Birmingham Charter High School
Date: April 25 from 
This year Rotarian Marie Valencia with other members of the Van Nuys club brought some Christmas joy to the children on Casa Esperanza. Rotarians brought presents to this children--they even brought Santa. 
Pictures from our Festival/Blood Pressure Event
Seventeen Rotarians and their family members, many of them dressed in their Halloween costumes attended and worked at the event at Victory Outreach Church on Oct. 31.  Our project involved blood pressure monitoring of 62 persons, a consult with Zoraida Suarez MD for those tested who had blood pressure issues.  We also gave away game prizes and candy to the kids participating in the dart and bean bag games.  We provided a jumper slide and obstacle course.  We judged the costume contest for children consisting of five categories.  Each of the winners was awarded a Target certificate.for $ 25. Rotarians and guests present were Judy Coates, Les Grossman, Catherin Ibrahim, Robin Kellogg with her son, Max, Roz Kogler, Maria Korling, Guy Mangia, Javier Nunez, Barbara Pampalone, Don Reinken and his brother, Wynne Ritch and spouse, Rosemary, Stacey Romm, Zoraida Suarez and Marie Valencia.
Rotary was recognized as the major sponsor of the event.  We had a large booth to advertise our service to the community.  Approximately 500 persons attended the event.
At Last Wednesday’s regular Greater Van Nuys Rotary Bingo game,  Frita was the big winner.  Out of our 14 games, she had a part in winning 5 games: 3 regular games at $45.00, 1 special game at $75.00 and the last Full Board game at $200.00 for a total of $410.00. This was most incredible- even the rest of the bingo hall players were cheering her on. And, she was so happy that  she bought  pizza for anyone who wanted  a slice.
Bingo  dates changing:
After October’s fourth Wednesday event (October  22, 2014), we will be switching to the third Wednesday of the month to avoid conflicting with holidays and allow more players to attend . So, the following dates will be November 19, December 17, January 21, February 18 and so on. 
Weekly Meeting Bulletin
Tim Blaylock, CEO - West Valley Boys & Girls Club
Jun 29, 2017
Accomplishments of the WVBGC during the first 25 Years