Pictures from our Festival/Blood Pressure Event
Seventeen Rotarians and their family members, many of them dressed in their Halloween costumes attended and worked at the event at Victory Outreach Church on Oct. 31.  Our project involved blood pressure monitoring of 62 persons, a consult with Zoraida Suarez MD for those tested who had blood pressure issues.  We also gave away game prizes and candy to the kids participating in the dart and bean bag games.  We provided a jumper slide and obstacle course.  We judged the costume contest for children consisting of five categories.  Each of the winners was awarded a Target certificate.for $ 25. Rotarians and guests present were Judy Coates, Les Grossman, Catherin Ibrahim, Robin Kellogg with her son, Max, Roz Kogler, Maria Korling, Guy Mangia, Javier Nunez, Barbara Pampalone, Don Reinken and his brother, Wynne Ritch and spouse, Rosemary, Stacey Romm, Zoraida Suarez and Marie Valencia.
Rotary was recognized as the major sponsor of the event.  We had a large booth to advertise our service to the community.  Approximately 500 persons attended the event.