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Volume 1 | Issue 8

Flag: Dave Friedman
Invocation: Carolyn Urquidez
Carla Kasimir
President discussed the Boys & Girls Club semi-virtual event in December with Barnes & Noble and this clubs $500 donation.
Carolyn Urquidez
They are on track to create 600 emergency backpacks for Dialysis patients. She talked about when they started the program of providing Emergency Backpacks, 99% of dialysis patients had no emergency backpack. 
some of the essential items in the emergency backpack        
These backpacks are intended to help a patient who may have to survive 72 hours with out dialysis.  In the backpack are the following; kidney grocery list on an information packet, emergency list of supplies needed, including cash, fist aid kits, tools, flashlight, blood pressure cup, change of cloth and sock, one week supply of medications, information on how to disinfect water, and a list of
Emergency backpack
Dave Friedman
Spoke about the sales of ticket for our forth coming Raffle event.  He said he is working with Zoraida and Ali on the design of raffle tickets.  They should be available in 2-3 weeks.  According to Dave, the tickets will be $100 apiece.  The goal of this raffle is to give scholarship to the needy youths in our community.
Zoraida chime in by explaining hoe she is planning to sell tickets.  
she said she does this by creating a wish list of individuals to purchase such tickets and she has been very successful using this technique.
Marie Valencia:
Thanksgiving - Saturday morning at Victory Outreach Church where boxes of food will be distributed to the Homeless in and around the community.  Usually, the foods are taken to where the Homeless encampment are.
Christmas - December 22. She is pushing non-profits for donations.  She needs sizes of family members within each family now because after Thanksgiving, it becomes harder to get the right sizes.  
She also announced that she has a family from the Salvation Army on her list this year. 
Capt. Juan:
Announced the Salvation Army has a similar program as Victory Outreach for Thanksgiving.  They already have 400 families signed up for food and they are preparing for 600 families.
Salvation Army Christmas event is on December 21 and they are looking for Toys and other things on their Wish list.  On November 31, there will be a short meeting for volunteers to receive T-Shirts to wear on December 21, 2020
Dave Friedman was called upon to introduce our guest speaker:  According to him, Carla Kasimir, P.T. has been a Physical Therapist for 35 years.  Her college education was at Mt. St Mary's.
She has her practice; North Valley Physical Therapy at the Knollwood Shopping Center in Granada Hills.  Carla started the clinic in 2009.  She specializes in Orthopedic Neurotherapy.
Guest Speaker - Carla Kasimir
Topic: Common Ailments and Remedies
According to her, oftentimes the first thing she has to do is to figure out what is really the patient's problem.  For instance, neck & shoulder as well as back & hip complaints/problems/symptoms are very closely related.
One new development is "Shock Wave" used to desensitize the nerves in treating sciatica and patella tendon injury.  She also works with a lot of patients with foot and ankle problems and it is necessary to look at muscle imbalances to see the root problem.
Now people are wanting to stay at a top functional level in advancing years and people are coming in to her clinic to "put out smaller fires".  Improvement in people's flexibility, balance and strength are common goals.  She is also finding that more and more people don't have Physical Therapy insurance coverage and people are paying cash for their care.
Carla was asked about the difference between Physical Therapy and Chiropractic.  She said that they can both help individuals and sometimes can be combined in treatments.  She warned against certain chiropractors who advertise on TV and claim to heal but only take people's money (8,000 up front) after providing them dinner and a glitzy promotion.  Carla has helped some of these older patients  who were taken advantage of by securing return of their $8000 up front payment for treatment that didn't help at all.
Judy Joke: Was presented by Wynne Ritch.
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