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June 13, 2018 Bulletin
Meeting called to order at 12:05
Flag:    Barbara Pampelone 
Invocation: Raul Castillo
Song:Judy Coates-“America the Beautiful
Bill Wishard (Rotary Club of Malibu)
Guest Speaker:
Cherise Charleswell
President welcomed everyone to our first meeting in 2018 and especially guests for taking the time to join us today.
Mike reminded everyone to please RSVP Raul ASAP and also send in their checks for our forthcoming demotion party slated for July 7, 2018.  We do need a head count so as to prepare for the celebrations.
Capt. Juan Argumedo thanked everyone who contributed towards the fundraising for his daughter’s forthcoming mission trip to Lithuania. 
Richard Miller announced he has been re-certify for his pilot license for the year and he is very happy about that.
Marie Valencia was called upon to formerly introduce our guest speaker for the day.  
Our speaker works for a very reputable organization called Journey Out.  Journey Out is located at 7136 Haskell Ave. in the City of Van Nuys. Journey Out is dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking and child trafficking.  These victims become the future clients of Journey Out.
Credit:  Full credit is given to Cherise Charleswell for this writeup.  I am reproducing her paper for the benefit of members who were not at the meeting to hear her speak directly and for the benefit of visitors to our website, so as to be fully aware of this menace in our society/community.  This is happening around us every day and we need to be able to identify this.  Rotary International as well as Rotary International District 5280 – Human Trafficking Initiative, is championing this campaign.  “Stop Child Sex Trafficking – The Tragedy No One See) Our District Governor Cozette Vergari is leading the fight.  For more information on this please contact her via email at
Guest Speaker
Cherise Charleswell
Topic: How PIMPS Recruit Their Victims
Pimps/Traffickers are predators who are masters t sensing vulnerabilities.  Pimps will first identify a vulnerable target, usually a young girl (average age is 12-14) or young woman who has suffered some type of sexual or physical abuse in her past, he will find what makes her vulnerable and use one, or a mixture, of the following tactics to coerce or force to perform commercial sex for his own gain.
Romeo or partner Pimping – Making a woman/girl fall in love is the most commonly used technique by pimps.  The victim is seduced into falling in love with the pimp/trafficker.  He will buy her gifts and be the best boyfriend she ever had.  He will gain her confidence and then isolate her from friends and family by telling her things like “no one loves or understands you like I do”, I’ll take care of you” or “I’m your only friend”.  He will make promises of a good life together filled with money, designers clothes and jewelry.  Once she is emotionally attached, he tells her she has to make money for them because of an emergency or for the basic necessities of life (rent, food, and clothing).  She is coerced/romanced into selling sex for money because she believes she is doing it for them as a couple.  Because of the emotional connection, she is hesitant to se him as the predator he really is, which makes getting out of “the life” even more difficult.
Debt- The victim is showered with gifts by either the trafficker/pimp, one of this other victims, or a partner/recruiter; once an emotional attachment has been formed, she is told that she owes the money back and the way she will pay it back is to be sold for sex.
Drugs- Addiction to drugs perpetuates this tactic where the drug addicted victim is forces into prostitution by pimp/drug dealer in order to maintain a drug habit.
“Gorilla” Pimping- Utilizing force to achieve submission form victims or using threats of violence toward the victim’s family.  The victim is forced or threatened into commercial sexual exploitation.  If the victim does not comply, she is subjected to physical and emotional violence/torture and rape.
Position of Authority- The victim is forced or sold into sex trafficking by a person in a position of authority such as a parent, older sibling, foster parent or other authoritarian figure.
Once a victim is indoctrinated, it becomes a way of life.  So much so that it is extremely difficult to change, especially if she has been a pimp.  Pimps exploit women and little girls brainwash them into believing that there is no other way of life and that they are worth nothing without him
Raffle: Les Grossman had the winning ticket.
Meeting ended at 1:06PM
Birthday shout out to the following members:
Dr. Zoriada S. Grossman
Dave Friedman
Wynne Ritch
The Four Way Test
Of The Things we think, say, or do:
1) Is it the TRUTH?
2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?
3) Will it build GOODWILL and       BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all       concerned?
Happy Bucks:
Les, Zoraida, Raul, Richard, Wynne, Judy, Mike, Richard Flanagan, and Dave thank you for your contributions.
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