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Volume 1 | Issue 7

Flag: Dave Friedman
Invocation: Wynn Ritch
Kristin Mall (speaker)
Mary Mendoza (Council Woman)
President recognizes and gave thanks to the Granada Hills Rotary Club donation of $500 towards the Ortega Park video system project. 
Also, she said the application for our satellite club have been submitted to the District.  There are presently 10 prospective members.  She also announced that she has children's 5"x7" pads as well as holiday cards for either  or both Marie's and Capt. Juan's holiday events.
Marie Valencia:
The kidney Quest Foundation 10/19/20 event will start early in the morning; The start time will be 9:00 AM.  Barbara  will be there with her materials around 8:00AM.  These are 5 boxes of toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.
Marie Valencia announced that she would need wrapping gift on December 22, 2020 in the Local 300 Hall.  The presents are provided to families from twelve non-profit organization throughout the San Fernando Valley.  The event this year will be a drive-through.  Marie is hopeful that they can decorate the Hall for the night.  The bags with the wrapped presents will have names of the organization on it. The presents include shoes, jackets and gift cards for In-And-Out.
Les Grossman (PDG)
Polio Plus challenge is coming up.  All are invited to buy tickets for the Rotary District Foundation event at $10 each.  Each in the District is asked to put up $300 for the  Live Auction Item.  A basket filled with goodies/wine is being donated by Dave Friedman, as GVN Rotary contribution to the Foundation Gala
Javier Nunez:
Local 300 received the check for the use of its hall, but it was made out incorrectly.  Les and Peter indicated that it will be corrected and resend.
Harvest festival 6 00 PM on 10/31/20 and will be a drive-through event.  However, he will welcome Rotarians who wants to come and help out, to please come forward; the youths are going to bag candy.
Capt. Juan:
Announced the Salvation Army has lots of chocolate that it can share during the Halloween/Harvest Festival.
He also said that on Nov, 7, 2020 starting from 4:00 PM in the parking lot at 1417 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, there will be a Hispanic festival featuring many countries.  The 5k Run and Walk is also coming up. As many Rotarians who can participate, are all welcomed.
Donation of school supplies to The Salvation Army recently.
Wynne Ritch
Confirmed that our "Service Above Self" event is now scheduled foe May 21, 2021.
Dave Friedman was called upon to introduce our guest speaker:  According to Dave, Kristin Mall a Director, of the Children's Resource Center located in Northridge.
Guest Speaker
Kristin proceeded to describe how the Children's Resource Center operated prior to Covid-19 and how it operates now.  The Center s a non-profit which has been operating in Northridge for 30 ears.  In that time it has serve over 35,000 foster children.  All of the children are in the Foster Care System and have social workers.  It serves three offices of the DFCS.  Prior to Covid-19, the foster children were able to come into their facility, which looked like a store, and pick out whatever they wanted.
Because of the pandemic,  the center was closed down from March through July 2020.  They reopened on July 7, 2020.  Their new operations is completely curbside.  833 foster children have been served in the new format since July 7.  Volunteers spend 5 minutes with the client, who remain in their cars, to find out the clients clothing and color
preferences.  A client's is like a virtual waiting room.  The volunteers then go into the store and bundle up the donated items in an outside tent and load the bundles in the client's car.
Kristin further said that with the pandemic there has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of foster children.  Covid-19 has exacerbated the problems of parents.  There has been a change in the age that a child can remain in foster care.  It is no longer 18 years, but 21 years, and that has made everyone happy.
Kristin gave an example of how well the Children's Resource Center, donors and foster parents can work together for wonderful results.  There is now, and has always been, a problem in getting foster parents.  A drug addict mother gave birth to premature twins, 3 lbs, and 4 lbs.  A foster mother with 5 foster children has already stepped forward to receive the children.  But she had no diapers or other new born supplies.  They were able to get those supplies from Carter's in Camarillo.  Now those pre-term babies are 14 lbs.
Zoraida added that premature babies caused by their mother's abuse of drugs, usually have natural defense to a lot of diseases.  She went further to say that the brains of premature babies are less sensitive to hypoxia (low level of oxygen in the blood) during fetal distress than full term babies and less sensitive to brain damage, specifically the the "thinking brain", therefore premature newborns can have normal intellect despite of hypoxia.  However, this is not referring to children of moms with history of drug addiction only, it is referring to any premature newborn who has been under fatal distress.
Judy Joke: Was presented by Wynne Ritch.
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Thanks to everyone who contributed.
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