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Welcome to our new and improve weekly Bulletin. 

Volume 1 | Issue 2

Flag: Wynne Ritch
Invocation: Marc Tapper
Four Way Test: Les Grossman
Shirin Najab
Mary Mendoza
Rudy Ortega Jr. (Guest Speaker)
President Zoraida Grossman welcomed and thanked everyone for attending our meeting today. 
Dr. Zoraida: August is membership month in Rotary.  District 5280 is having membership programs for all clubs in the district. Zoraida and Les will be attending a membership zoom meeting on Saturday, August 22, 2020.  All are welcomed.
According to Zoriada, the proposed GVN Rotary Satellite Club; San Fernando Satellite Club is working on providing protective equipment for the Adobe in San Fernando and also for a location in Tabasco in Mexico
Carolyn Urquidez: Reminded everyone of 10/19/2020 assembly at the San Fernando location of Kidney Quest Foundation to prepare emergency backpacks . According to Carolyn, over 200 emergency backpacks were distributed in June, 2020.  
She also said normally the backpacks are distributed every 72 months since so much work is required in their creation.
Richard Miller : Good news regarding Bob B. He is ok and handling his medical conditions well.
Marc Tapper: Announced a virtual meeting on the North District Committee.
Birthdays: August
Les Grossman
Mike Quiroga
Javier Nunez
Paul Davis
Grace Agaba:
Congratulations on your one year with GVN Rotary.
Introduction of guest speaker -Dave Friedman.
Please join me in welcoming Rudy Ortega Jr, who is going to talk about the indigenous people of the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and Simi Valley.  Rudy has followed his father, Rudy Ortega Sr. as a leader in the tribes.
Rudy  Ortega Jr. acknowledged he was happy to join our meeting today. 
He described the history of these peoples from the time of the California Missions.  The present tribal members, trace their lineages back to the San Fernando  Mission.  In 1843, there were 43 lineages/tribes in these valleys but now there are only three, consisting of less than 1000 members.  In the late 1800's, due to brute force, taxation and court decisions in 1878, the indigenous peoples lost most of their land and ability of most to remain as tribes and sovereign nations.
Mr Ortega pointed out that the Spanish name for his people is "Fernandeno" but their name in their language is "Tatavian".  He gave some samples of meaning of prefixes used by his people in their language, for example "bit/vit" means "I am from/of".
He also provided listings of different political leaders, administrative departments and cultural centers for potential contacts.
P.S: For a complet Bio of Rudy Ortega, please visit our website
Maria Valencia shared with everyone that she is a descendant of the Pueblo Indians.
Judy Joke:
Wynne Ritch: We all had a good laugh.
President ended the meeting by reminding members once again to please invite guest to our next meeting as this is crucial to our membership growth.
Zoraida reminded everyone that our next Board of Director's Meeting will be held on August 28, 2020, at 1:00 PM.
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