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Welcome to our new and improve weekly Bulletin. 

Volume 1 | Issue 6

Flag: Catherine Ibrahim
Invocation: Marie Valencia
Four Way Test: Les Grossman(PDG)
Dr. Peggy Ann Hawkins(speaker)
Allison Parr(co-speaker)
Mary Mendoza (Council Woman)
Kelly Grossman
Carolyn:  Update On Kidney Quest Foundation event for October 19, 2020 at the Local 300 Union Hall.  According to her, only 30 individual volunteers will be admitted into the Hall and that is after proper screening.  They will be assembling the donated materials into the emergency backpacks for kidney patients.  Carolyn expressed gratitude for all who have helped, and will be helping on this project.
Marie Valencia:
Asked Javier Nunez to tell us about the Harvest  and Halloween Festival and donation of the Local 300 Union Hall for October 19, 2020 event.  She also talked about the forthcoming Christmas Lives event.
Javier Nunez:
Confirmed that the Local 300 Labor Union has offered Kidney Quest Foundation the Hall for use on October 19, 2020.  He went on to speak about the Harvest and Halloween festival, which is a way to guarantee poor families a Happy Halloween, with drive through candy distribution by Victory Outreach Church;  He said that he has been a part of the original Victory Outreach Church since 1988 and he is going to talk to Pastor Eddie about the drive through candy distribution.  Unfortunately, there will be no Halloween costumes as in past years.  Candies will be bagged by volunteers at Victory Outreach Church.  They aways do about 500 bags of candy.  Javier's wife is going to give out candy at their home.
Capt. Juan:
Announced that the Salvation Army is looking for sponsors to provide 300 turkeys and stuffing for Thanksgiving for needy families.  They are also looking for sponsors for a 5k walk and run planned event.
Dave Friedman was called upon to introduce our guest speaker:
Dr Peggy Ann Hawkins  is a vet and microbiologist and has served  with the Peace Corps in Africa. Dr Peggy Ann Hawkins coordinated the program with the moderator, Adriane Parr, who has been a moderator for "Operation Main Street" since 2004. 
They introduced Allison, who has been a tour guide for several years, and she took us on a video tour of the pig barn at South Dakota State University.
We were shown a live barn with sows and piglets.  The sows are about 500 lbs. and the piglets about 2 lbs.  Sows like the limited space shown in this barn rather than larger spaces and this type of construction ensures the safety of the piglets when the sow lies down.  The pigs like the temperature at about 70 degrees and there is a heating pad and heating lamp for the piglets.  The average delivery is 14 piglets.  A sow has 16 teats and the new born piglets fight for the teat that becomes theirs.  A sow remains in this barn for 21 days.
According to Allison, although pigs are omnivores, sows are fed a corn and soybean diet to ensure they have enough protein and energy.  Everything given to the sows is vet approved, including iron supplements and antibiotics, in the barn.  Pork actually is a better source than chicken breasts for the most protein and least fat meat.
Currently, 80% of all vet students are women and women make up 60% of the AVA.  Vets are divided into two groups; one group cares for companion animals and the other group cares for food animals.
Judy Joke: Was presented by Wynne Ritch.
Happy Bucks:
Thanks to everyone who contributed.
Birthdays for the month of September
*Richard Miller
*Barbara Pampalone
*James Tenner
*Marc Tapper
*MaryJane Muro
Membership Anniversary
Bob Tiwa - 2 years
Bob Blisten- 1 year
Congratulations to both of you.
Four Way Test
The Four Way Test of the things we think, say or do;
1. Is it the truth
2. Is it fair to all concerned
3. Will it build goodwill and better       friendships
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned
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Reporter: Richard Flanagan
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