INvite,  INform,  INduct, INvolve.

Membership growth is important as it will enhance our ability to serve our local community and international efforts.

We need to educate the public what rotary is all about by showing them all the worth while work that rotary undertakes and where to find our club.  

You and I came to rotary to serve and at the same time we have made new friends.  Every service event should be well promoted so that the public is aware of the good work being done by rotary. We will promote rotary by getting events published in the newspaper and by our online presence. Our website will become appealing to prospective members. You as a member shall introduce your contacts to rotary by educating them how rotary is rewarding and well worth the time spent.  Share a rotary moment with them and invite them to participate in our next service project. Membership growth depends on your efforts and good community projects.

Retention is just as important as membership growth. As an individual you can only do so much but as a club we can achieve things on a larger scale. In order to retain members each person should be given responsibilities such that they feel they are making a meaningful contribution to the success of our projects. Rotary is not simply about writing a check.  It is about the gratification you get from using your skills and knowledge to better serve others.

So the time is now share your passion about rotary tell prospective members to become part of the Greater Van Nuys Rotary, we welcome them.