The Fleet Street crew did not expect the 64 bicycles that they screened, repaired, sent owners to buy parts for in order to finish repairs, and (very occasionally) had to admit bicycles were too damaged to be repaired there.  6 young men from Pacific Coast Boys Lodge worked under the guidance of Steve to find correct parts for, repair, lubricate and fill ties on the many bicycles that were brought in by the owners.  From Woodland Hills Rotary Dana and Antonio were busy screening the bicycles and directing the registration work of our Rotarians Kris, Libby, Bob, and Barbara.
Chatsworth citizens also brought in about 8 bikes to be donated, so that their parts or frames can go to be used on another day in some other Bike Repair Day.
Kris was out of town for much o the last month, but she had done an incredible job arranging to have flyers go out form Chatsworth Park School (thanks to Beverly Manasse), and used Internet from Mitch Englander’s office to countless homes in the area deliver publicity.  She and Steve were there early Saturday morning, marking off 1/3 of the parking lot so that there was space for the efficient crew from pacific Coast Boys Lodge to quickly set up pop-ups, tables and chairs, and unpack all the equipment that was used.  Fleet Street has really great banners that could easily be read by passers-by.
One woman with three kids came by about 12:30 and would not have time to go back to Sylmar to get three bikes that her children were using.  But, Steve talked with her, got her address, and will pick up the (too small) bikes that they have, and take back to them some reconditioned bikes of the proper size.
Saturday was HOT!  We consumed lots of Kris water, but it felt good to see so many people participating in this event.  The extra pop-up that Kris and Steve brought and provided for the people waiting to check-in-or waiting for their bikes to be finished – was a great relief from the sun.  “Service Above Self was a lot of work – but a great satisfaction for those of us privileged to be there.