Posted by Zoraida Suarez - Grossman, M.D. on Sep 18, 2019
                                            The Bell being Donated to Valera Rotary Club
We met a group of Venezuelan Rotarians who were soliciting a donation to buy a new Rotary Bell for the Valera Rotary Club, located in the State of Trujillo, in the western part of the country.  One of the members have kept in contact with me all along and coordinated all the details.  Due to the difficult political situation and the humanitarian crisis that the country is going through, she works in Colombia and travels to Venezuela every two weeks to attend the Rotary meetings.  Their Bell had been stolen probably to resell as cooper.  Rotary Bells are copyrighted and can not be reproduced without the consent of Rotary International.  My husband, Les reminded me we had a Bell at home from our former NSFV/Panorama City Club RC merged with the Van Nuys Rotary Club.  
                PDG Les Grossman, Dr Zoraida Grossman and members of the Valera Rotary Club
I wanted to polish the Bell before sending it, but the Rotarians felt that it was a relic and felt tremendously honored to inherit it, as it was.  The Venezuelan Rotarians are very active and have been extremely grateful and excited about their new Bell and have made us feel very proud to experience the human connection and the true spirit of Rotary.
                          Dr Zoraida, holding the Bell and members of the GVN Rotary