This year our annual Harvest/Halloween festival was held with the usual funfair.  The festival started at 6:00Pm.  By 6:10PM the venue at the Victory Outreach Church Center, was packed full with well over 400 kids and their parents.  Nearly all the kids and their families were all beautifully dressed in their costumes.  Once again there were various tents/booth setup, each with different games for the kids whereby winners were given prices.  We also had a puppet show on stage and the kids enjoyed all the stories from the show.  The main stage had music from a live band entertaining.  It was fun for everyone.
Bill, Barbara, Judy, Maryjane, Richard and Dave at the Halloween Festival
This year, our club gave out free Tooth Brush to everyone, and Rotarian Dr. Barbara Pampalone was on hand to advise kids of the importance of personal hygiene. Brushing at least twice a day would keep teeth healthy.
Once again we had a costume contest, in different categories. From toddlers to adults.   Judges were members of our club and it was very hard to pick winners since everyone looked to beautiful in their costumes.  Eventually, winners were picked and prizes of Gift Cards were given out to winners.
About 300 packages filled with goodies were given out to everyone that night.  It was indeed a night of fun for everyone.
Here are some highlights at the festival.
Dave Friedman and a winner of one of the various contest held
A huge audience listened and watched the Puppet Show
Rotarians/Judges Bill Parks and Mary Jane Muro looking out for the best costume
President Dave Friedman and another winner of the  Costume contest.