We had a visit to our club from Past District Governor Ingo Werk on October 29, 2015.  He came along with his beautiful wife Mary Werk. 
He has been designated to go around all rotary clubs in our district to talk about the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WSH) project planned for  the Central African country of  The Republic of Niger.
During his speech about the WSH project
Project in Africa
Rotary is planning to set up a humanitarian project in Central Africa and the Republic of Niger has been chosen for this great project.  This is a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WSH) project. Rotary is partnering with World Vision to make this project possible.  The estimated total cost of the WSH project is 1 million Dollars.
A community of about 25,000 people in a remote area in Niger was identified because it was an area that had no drinking water readily available.  Women and girls have to trek many miles from home just to get drinking water for their families. As a result, girls cannot go to school because they are saddled with this responsibility.  Upon completion of the WSH project, girls will have the opportunity to attend school and further their education.
This project is very important because unlike other humanitarian projects worldwide, World Vision is committed to maintaining this water project for 18 years, thereby ensuring the community is completely trained to sustain the project.
Ingo’s responsibility is to help raise awareness about this project and help raise funds.  Rotary needs to come up with half a million and World Vision will match it with half a million and that’s how the 1 million will be reached.  For more on this project, please contact Ingo at ingowerk.rotary@gmail.com
Rotarians listening attentively to Ingo Werk