Dr. Renee Michelle Gordon was a guest speaker at our regular meeting held recently.  Dr. Renee is a renowned author and has written several books as well as being an international speaker.  Some of her books include; Five Simple Steps to Attract Your Soulmate Within 90 Days, Finding your Love at Last, and is currently working on her next book, Finding Your Love at Last Duets, Five Simple Steps to Creating harmony and Love in Your Marriage due out later in 2018.
As president and founder of Love at Last, Dr. Renee Michelle Gordon believes, “We help singles and couples build strong relationships by teaching them to first know and love themselves in order to have the best life possible”.  Further, her passion is to first help people find their perfect match as well as helping couples rediscover their love and spark in a harmonious way that impacts the quality to the rest of their work and personal lives.
According to Dr. Renee, LOVE is everything, Love is open to possibilities, Love is everlasting; Love is the everlasting center of being here on earth; Love is beautiful; Love is kind; Love is whatever you want it to be. We all have the capacity to love.  However, we must start by loving ourselves first.